Thursday, 9 July 2009

the book

through pages of life i have gone
volumes of memories,verses of pines
few chapters i’d say are better than some
those i finished, result of perseverance

lines in the sun,blissful, blessed ones
i played by day and danced on moonlight shine
i dreamt of dreams and sing my happy song
stardust in my hair and a rainbow in my soul

several episodes are blue as blue can be
yet those hours have made what i am me
i learned to kneel, to bow,to crawl,to ask and beg
life is tough but at the end its worth the bout

when i find myself on top of the world
i recalled the passage which explains it all
it keeps my feet anchored on solid ground
weathered by adversity,bowed in humility

again, in this life i chanced upon to tread
bespoke feelings of joy and sorrow poesy
stack of sheets in this book rather misunderstood
in my lips a smile and my eyes a knowing look..

by ENG

this poem first appeared on my friendster blog, simply me.