Saturday, 1 August 2009


today, we lost an icon of democracy in the person of corazon c. aquino. ..a former president of the philippines, a mother, a wife, a woman who knew and bear the loss in order to gain, to seek to be able to find, to give selflessly so as to received in abundance. she lost a husband, a hero of my era, to restore democracy in a land where apathy and indifference reigned from years of tyranny that drive this once proud nation to a pitiful sight. she dedicated her life,after the death of ninoy, to preserving the inherent right of every filipino, to be free.

i joined the nation in mourning as the philippines suffered another loss of a great person. once again, cory aquino, united filipinos in realization that when we move as one body and one soul to a great cause we can do the impossible. she immortalized what we, as a filipino, must all stand for...freedom!

may she rest in peace!

this appeared in my other blog. i thought it was befitting the occasion to have it post takes me back to those days where all these started!

I was 18 when EDSA revolution took placed. I, with an aunt, went to EDSA after a call to once and for all end Marcos' regime and to barricade Camp Crame.I have never been so proud to be called a Filipino. The feeling of being a Filipino amidst the throng - rich and poor , young and old with one destiny -is undescribable. You need to be there to understand the feeling!


Ahhhh!! is a breath of fresh air..refreshing, innovating, invigorating.

It gives us courage to face our mortal fear, dreams to build our hopes, ability to express our inmost thoughts. It is the light at the end of a tunnel; a glance of what is beyond the horizon; a promise of brighter days ahead. It convinces the most stubborn of will, softens the hardest of hearts; rebuild shattered hopes and broken dreams.

Freedom is about changes. It entails taking considerable amount of risks. It involves facing life changing challenges. It is a vision of men and women who shares a common goal, stands by the principles of their conviction and acts on it.

Freedom emancipates us from what it is that enslaves us. It breaks the shackle of injustice that impedes our growth and stuns our enthusiasm for life. A rousing moment of triumph over iniquity and subjugation. It is the voice of reason, the beacon of hope, the pillar of democracy.

To many it is worth fighting for. To the very few, it is to die for....

by eng
3 june 1998