Friday, 18 September 2009

Mum, what's for dinner?

this is my first post after a long hibernation. yes, my little corner has been patiently waiting for me to filled it up with my daily ramblings and mumblings....

it is a taxing task to think of something to cook for dinner. i don't know about you, i don't like complicated food. i want it fast, simple and yet tasty.

it is always a challenged for me to prepare something which both my hubby and ysabelle will eat with gusto. the little one's a seasonal veggie eater, a term i made up, as she eats vegetables on a period of time. she likes cabbage this week and who know's what she will like next week.

tonight, i wanted to prepare something that doesn't requires my presence in the kitchen. i got the household chores done this morning, i need a break. who am i kidding? i need to go on line to check on friends...

....and here i give you, last nights dinner, steam savoy cabbage and beans ( ysabelle's fav veggies this week) and baked chicken on egg noodles!