Wednesday, 17 June 2009

i found my niche

this was made while i was recuperating from a back pain, which seems to be my constant companion these days. i found myself thinking how lucky i am being surrounded by people i love and things i like.

i found my niche
in a place of zen
i called my own
small as it is but it is home.

i found my niche
in my daughter’s
loving hug and kiss
a cure to the weariness i feel.

i found my niche
in my husband’s
warmth embrace
a security i always desire and need.

i found my niche
in this game of words
writing my thoughts
to unburden my load.

thank GOD
i found my niche
a speck of heaven
in this life i’m lucky to live.


image taken from public domain.
this poem first appeared on my other blog, simply me.