Friday, 19 June 2009

a cuppa to cool off

it isn't every place i come to work that i find someone whom i can emulate. someone whom can be my superior and friend at the same time.someone whom i can be battling head to head or neck to neck with issues at work and somehow managed to end up liking and respecting each other more.

i found such person in hilda lott. my mentor, my sister, my friend.

for her, i am willing to break a stand i set myself about not mixing friendship and work. we begun our working relationship on good note. she, an excellent mentor and i, an eager protegee. she's articulate, eloquent and to me, the best nurse i ever work with. she's up front, honest and just. she can't stand idle and unmotivated people. it drives her mad to know that colleagues, figuratively speaking, can do murder and get away with it. she drives herself to her upmost limit and beyond. for her, it's her best or nothing at all, money and prestige will come later. i don't know about the financial equivalent but, she wears the crest of prestige-that i can vauch.

there were few occasions she and i doesn't see eye to eye on some issue. i lost track of most of them. so long as our difference of opinions is work related and nothing personal we shall weather the storm together, so we both strongly believed. she is a determined person and i am stubborn. there may be instances that i may have overstepped the boundary of being her subordinate and i thank GOD she makes allowances for my failure. she sees potential in every one and try to let you be aware of it. she sees something in me that given time can be a great asset, i am not even aware it existed whatever it is. i always said to her....." you don't need an enemy, you have me".... which sort of give you an idea of how how brutally frank to each we can be or at least i can be. honest and know's meaning well. there are few occasions that we thought we almost lost it, the friendship. whenever such situation arises, we always go out for a cup of coffee and straighten things out. there's nothing a good-honest- to goodness talk won't solve and a cuppa wont remedy...thank goodness for coffeehouses, i believe we tried everyone of them within 5 miles radius...ha!ha!ha!

this is my favorite quote about friendship which solidly applies to the two of us. i told her so...

"I do not wish to treat friendships daintily, but with the roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frost-work, but the solidest thing we know."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

i hate the thought that one day we will part ways, it is inevitable. her home is south africa and mine will always be the philippines. she have other dreams to fulfill and so do i . i don't want to see her go and yet i want her to fulfill her dreams, big dreams. for now, let me enjoy her company and pay her homage by immortalizing her in words.

to's for friendship and for being a sister...not just at work but beyond.