Sunday, 7 June 2009

where do i go from here?

after two decades of working as an operating room nurse, i had this daunting feeling that i had reached the plateau of my distinguished career.

i loved being a nurse,to me its a calling.on my early years i kept myself abreast on every issue relevant to my practice.i see to it that i had a fair knowledge of the surgery i have to assist (something that i still do) before i actually delved into it.i tried teaching,researching,pioneering a new service…you name it, i’ve done it.

i have quite a high standard of competence that i would expect people
to abide by.i am not in the habit of comparing myself to anybody in the workplace, true as it is,there’s someone greater and lesser than me.instead, i fitted myself against myself of how well i performed year after year..i let my exploit speaks for me, there’s nothing more disheartening than working with colleagues for number of years and never raised to the challenge of improving
their craft.i do not expect someone to know everything with in-depth
knowledge but at least try to make an effort to know the will
be the ground to where you will lay the very foundation of your career.

now, as i advances in years and more keen on my vocation, i’m finding it more and more difficult to motivate myself.i,literally, have to drag myself to do something worthwhile.i recently finished one project and planning of organizing a staff development committee to pull myself out of this deadening situation i’m in at the moment.i have to get it going,bring the sprightliness back to my system. i hate being idle,it worries me that i’m not as enthusiastic as i used to be…….maybe, i need to move forward to the structural ladder,or maybe, what i need is a breather,a luxurious holiday under the sun…..maybe…..