Thursday, 16 July 2009

simply love

this was a product of my rather rambling mind - it was mid- 90's, i was in my 20's at the time - it sounded ancient even to my ears...ha!ha!ha!.blog may not have been a thing then but most of us started blogging in a different way - mine is compiled in an old notebook that i thought would never see the light of day.

"love, on its fullest, in its purest, is the next best thing to heaven….."

In the core of every human being lies a child wanting to be loved. There also lies in the midst of our wildest dream the compelling need to love.

To love is to give freely, abundantly. It is to succumb to its warm passionately. To surrender to that exquisite feeling undeniably.

Love carries us to the magical world of romance. It’s a tapestry of beauty that overwhelms our collective awareness. A kaleidoscope of colors and images that brings harmony to our soul. A potpourri of fragrance that keeps us intoxicated to the power of unexplainable desire to be with each other.

Intense yet so fragile. Powerful yet yielding.

It often defies the capacity for rational thoughts and takes comfort with the knowledge that you belonged and that you are loved.

Imagine a world without love. A life without it…I can’t.

13 0ctober 1996

image taken from joy of simple life. post first appeared on my other blog from friendster, simply me.