Sunday, 19 July 2009

melissa's birthday gift away!

melissa,the founder of blogging for fun group, will be celebrating her 40th birthday on the 8th of august. as customary, friends and love ones should be racking their brains to find a perfect gift for her.well, this year she will turn the table on us, she decided to give a gift instead to someone. she will be giving one hot pink tourmaline with white topaz ring ( a sterling silver, 61/2 band ring with each stone measures 10mm, 10 points each with a total of 1/3 of a carat) to a friend or stranger alike.

you might ask, what shall i do to get my hands on it? simply check her site -melissa's jewelry and gem - sign up as follower,take a poll, post a blog about it and send her an e-mail at oh! how simple can that be! come and give it a's fun and you can be the lucky one to get her birthday gift away!!

oh! one more thing and the most important of must be living in usa, canada, great britain, the philippines and australia to take part! so, if you are, don't miss the chance to own this fabulous gift!

advance happy birthday, melissa!!