Wednesday, 22 July 2009

truths in life...

i’m getting bored….my little one is in school and my husband is pre-occupied with the band JOURNEY at the, i have ample time to contemplate on my life.

sheer knowledge of one’s self is a cornerstone of how we appreciate and perceive life and whatever it brings is where true power comes,an inelienable freedom begins and unquenchable noesis relies.

character isn’t made in the ease and repose of life nor the stillness and quietness of is build in extreme adversity,in the moving ridge of will come forth triumphant,victorious and undefeated in the face of massive asperity.

we should see life on how we would like to live it…paint it as how you envisioned it painted;add your own colours into it.sing a melody you wanted to bring into harmony with life and in turn it will sing that melody back to you.move gracefully and in rhythm with life,don’t be too hard on time, you will find the beat flowing easily. whenever you find yourself hitting bottom rock, know that the only way is going up. smile, even if it doesn't changed your circumstances it uplifts the spirit. who knows, it may change your outlook in life.

in life, nothing is ever written in stone.marvel on it day by day, savour it moment by moment.
breath as if it is your last, laugh as much as you can, love as deeply as you live,derive pleasure from it as if there’s no tomorrow.

in tranquility and prosperity - be thankful; in rigor and sternness - be prepared. when the wheels of life turns, you’ll never know we’re you’re gonna end…

image courtesy of joy of simple life. this article first appeared in my old blog, simply me.