Thursday, 25 June 2009

young friendship

this is for a friend i have known all my life, jeng------- from grade school, highschool, college and beyond. this was made nearly a year ago, just happened to browsed my book of old poems and found this....

walking down the memory lane
i hear the laughter, it rings a bell
that familiar scent, the well known grin
what lovely remembrance of yesteryears

we hold our hands and shout for glee
the youthful smile of you and me
days of summer were the best memories
rainy days can never bar us to simply be

the petty quarrels, pillowfull of tears
fortify the relation we found within
after the hurt, the healing begins
we always find something to make us smile again

alas, the years has caught with us
i live my life and so she does
but through the years we kept alive
precious moments of young friendship at heart.